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      Strength Discovery

      Strength Discovery Solution | IDEAZIA

      • Discover Your Strength
      • Capabilities Assessment
      • Culture Assessment
      • Purpose & Values Definition
      • Key Differentiator Identification

      Discover Your Strength

      Don’t just articulate what you do right now. Figure out why you do it and why that wins in the marketplace. IDEAZIA works with companies to identify their secret sauce and focus on a singular strategic intent, starting with their purpose and values.

      Capabilities Assessment

      If you want to grow, you have to understand what you have to work with. Start by taking a look at what you have and how it compares to others. By being really clear about what’s working and what’s not, you can start to build for the future.
      • Take an inventory of current capabilities
      • Understand how your capabilities compare with competitors
      • Get really clear about what’s working and what’s not
      • Align leaders with a session and discuss next steps

      Culture Assessment

      Transformation doesn’t just come from having a great strategy. It’s just as important to understand your organization’s culture. You have to know what enables and what inhibits change. And what works in other cultures, might not work in yours. Understand what makes your culture unique in order to unleash it.
      • Define the culture that already exists rather than trying to copy others
      • Gain insights from the stories of when the organization has been at its best and worst
      • Understand what makes your culture unique
      • Align leaders on the culture
      • Figure out what to do and stop doing to enable your culture

      Purpose & Values Definition
      Don’t define your company by what it does. Discover why it does it. With a clear and true purpose statement and values, your company gains a north star that can guide decision-making for eve your future strategy, to customer experience, to team hiring.
      • Learn what really matters from tenured employees, leaders, and other stakeholders
      • Discover your organization’s purpose
      • Discover your organization’s unifying values
      • Define behaviors with which employees can embody the organization’s values
      • Align leaders on the purpose, values, and behaviors

      Key Differentiator Identification

      For any new growth initiative you want to take on, it’s important to start with what makes you great. What sets you apart in the eyes of people inside and outside your company? Once you know what has made you win so far, you can come from a place of strength.
      • Gain insights from customers and other stakeholders about your competitive advantage
      • Get really specific about what’s your differentiator; the thing that other companies can’t say
      • Prioritize the advantages that help you win in the market today
      • Define your secret-sauce

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