About Us


We Are…

  • A Design & Innovation Consulting Company
  • A Creative Problem Solving Consulting Company
  • We are a team of …
  •     Innovators, Designers, Story Tellers, Engineers, Anthropologists, Design-Researchers, Advertisers, Artists, Writers, Technologists, Researchers, Mobiles Telephony Experts, Graphologists & many more renowned industry experts

What We Do?

  • We create impact through Design, Innovation & Strategy
  • We help organizations – Innovate, Differentiate and Grow
  • We help home grown brands –Compete and Grow Rapidly in emerging market
  • We help Large Companies, SMEs, Startups, Social Sectors, Governments, and Academic Institutions Solving Problems, creatively… across All Verticals, Business Domains, Industries and Size.
  • We pursue Innovation-Led Business Transformation with a relentless and unwavering passion. We do it through our pioneering approach - ‘The Game-changer Innovation’.
  • We identify new ways to serve and support business & people by uncovering their Latent Needs, Behaviours, and Desires.
  • We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products, services, spaces, communications, processes and interactive experiences that bring them to life.

"We Creatively Solve Problems Like…"


Product & Packaging


Customer Experience




Human Behavior


People & HR


Business Process

Business Growth

And Many More…

IDEAZIA Approach…


  • We Practice Connect – Collaborate – Co-innovate Approach
  • We Create Impact through Creativity, Innovation, Design and Breakthrough Strategy.
  • We Solve Client’s Problems with Creative Mindset, Tools and Strategies. We apply Right-Brain Thinking in every aspect.
  • We combine Design Thinking, Behavioural Science, Behavioural Economics, Platform Thinking, Business Strategy, Cognitive NeuroScience, Customer Experience, Future Thinking, Proven Experiments, Passion, Lots of Fun and Boundless Enthusiasm to create solutions for people, society and our clients.

Contact Us, WHEN…

  • You have a problem / challenge to solve,
  • Want to unlock potential future opportunities,
  • Looking for a quantum business leap,
  • Want to make breakthrough innovation happen,
  • Having an idea ,

or want someone to tell the world about it for you…

or just simply want to come by for a cup of coffee and brainstorm,

or just want to talk till the sun goes down,

Feel free to get in touch! we’re up for all that and more!