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Program Overview:

In today’s time Design-led organizations truly win the business advantage. Nowadays design is seen as a strategic differentiator for the organization. Formal design processes are established for marketing, product, and customer experience initiatives. Design is integral to shaping CX and is involved at every stage when strategy is being set.

As organizations revamp their strategies from product-first to customer-first, they are quickly learning that some of the tried-and-true principles of design are now critical components of the overall customer experience strategy.

But what does it truly mean, and entail, to be a design-led company?

Maximizing Design Impact Across Areas

  • Design as tactical driver: where design alters a discrete product, service, or communication effort.
  • Design for system innovation: where design alters an existing system or creates a new one to deliver a better solution.
  • Design as a catalyst for transformation: where design changes attitudes and behaviors of a community or organization.

In recent times, The Design Thinking process has been perfected by research at Stanford. This training is user-driven innovation at its best, perfect for companies that want to discover hidden opportunities in a specific market segment. Our experience: companies with a better understanding of their customers have lower risks resulting in more sustainable revenue streams.

In increasingly complex times, innovation and collaboration skills are becoming vital to businesses, and both principles are essential in Design Thinking. This hands-on bootcamp will lead you through the design thinking process, taught by design thinking professionals that live and breathe in this space. Together we'll explore how human-centered design can help develop innovative solutions for the complex challenges we face as businesspeople, non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens.

Focus Areas:

(Design Thinking + Story Board Creation + Prototyping)

  • Power of purpose
  • Insights for innovation
  • From ideas to action
  • Storytelling for influence
  • Leading for creativity
  • Designing a business
  • Designing for change


(Design Thinking + Story Board Creation + Prototyping)

  • Three (3) days
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