Marketing Champions
Winning in Digital & Real Time Markets.

Marketing Champions

Program Overview

Markets are changing rapidly, global and connected, fast and dynamic, convergent and connected. Customers are changing even more rapidly, millennial to boomer, social and mobile, empowered and aspiring. Business is changing in response, start-ups and networks, co-creators and collaborative, digital and data, fast and agile. The question is how have your marketers, and their marketing changed? Are you keeping pace with this fast changing environment, or hanging on to old models of success – home markets, established brands, hero products, advertising and websites, agency creativity, old channels – and still seeking to build relationships with customers who trust you no more, and are probably not your best customers anyway? Marketing in fast and connected, digital and real-time markets is different.


  • Market mapping: Analyzing market dynamics to identify where and how to compete.
  • Customer profiling: Segmenting and/or profiling customers through insight and analytics
  • Value propositions: Developing benefit-based propositions for each target audience
  • Portfolio alignment: Developing products and service solutions to leverage the portfo
  • Channel and pricing: Implementing through the right mix of channels and price models
  • Communication: Brand narratives into real-time communication, using creative mix of media
  • Engaging communities: Facilitating social engagement between customers, and participation
  • High performance: Developing analytics and metrics to measure and manage effectiveness


  • Market Maps: Mapping out the possible and target markets, drivers and dynamics.
  • Marketing Programs / Campaigns: Development of integrated, digital, customer-centric activity program.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: Embedding the processes, tools, framework and metrics for results.


  • 3days (can be shorter or longer depending on complexity and needs)