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Our Toolbox inspires Breakthrough ideas. We Provide Cutting-edge Innovation Toolbox for Setting Innovation Labs.

3D Idea Generator Software – The 'Mind of Innovator'

  • 3D Idea Generator enables any one to think like an innovator, designer, strategic thinker and a genius. 3D Idea Generator is globally acclaimed idea generation software based on gamification of ideation. The new tool redefines creative thinking and makes anyone think like a creative genius. This is the most advanced tool for brainstorming new breakthroughs today. The new tool is based on gamification methodology and is not monotonous like conventional brainstorming. People engage, play and are inspired to generate new ideas. Simply shuffle the cube and get breakthrough ideas in a flash. The tool enables in coming up with gamechanger ideas for innovation.

Innovation Suite App for smartphones / computers

  • The new App redefines innovation skill development and has the potential to reach the masses within a fraction of a second. The App is updated in real time and flashes any technological development in the world to keep you updated with new technology trends. Innovation suite on Smartphones is the most powerful innovation learning & development solution. It is the fastest, simplest, cheapest and most powerful way of developing innovation capabilities and a culture of creativity and innovation for faster growth, market leadership and future readiness. Innovation App contains 75 channels on emerging technologies, applications, global consumer trends, future business trends, technology insights, latest developments and very high level of technology intelligence to develop foresights and create breakthrough innovations.

Ready to use Mind Mapping templates

  • We have put in our rich consulting experience for creating ready to use mind maps where the person has to simply input the information based on ready directions to create breakthrough innovations. Ready to use mind mapping templates save enormous amount of time for generating new breakthrough products and services. These templates keep the people focused on the subject with built in flexibility of adding their own ideas. Ready to use mind maps help in transforming incremental ideas into monumental business models and evolutionary ideas into revolutionary innovations. We provide 40 ready to use mind mapping templates for following

    1 . Breakthrough Innovations for Growth

    2 . Customer Imagined Innovations

    3 . Customer Value Creation

    4 . New Design Innovations

    5 . Problems to Innovations

    6 . Process Innovations

Innovation Assessment & Improvement Framework

  • We have developed India's first Innovation framework for Confederation of Indian Industries, which is a new benchmark of innovation excellence. The new framework contains guidelines and measurable indexes for intangible drivers of innovation like Leadership, Culture, R&D Effectiveness, Customers & Competition, Collaborations & Networking. This enables the organization to measure and track their innovation journey for making focused improvements in innovation.
  • The framework comes along with the self-assessment software which enables different functions to measure the key metrics and improve their innovation projects. The framework also contains step by step guidelines for implementing innovation culture in the organization in a disciplined manner.

Set of 5 CDs on Innovation and Business Excellence

  • Innovation Gold Mine: 200 Video clips and 300 PowerPoint slides
  • Concise Encyclopedia of Business Excellence: 1800 PowerPoint slides
  • Developing Continuous Improvement as an Organization Strategy: 250 PowerPoint slides
  • Strategies for Becoming a Customer Focused Organization: 250 PowerPoint slides
  • Developing a Passion for Excellence: 300 PowerPoint slides
  • InnoVedas: Enlightened Leadership and Innovations inspired from Vedic Scriptures

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