Innovation Lab


We Set up High – Tech Innovation Labs at Colleges & Universities

  • We are India's leading player which provides the most comprehensive resources for setting up world class Innovation Centers at Universities, B-Schools and Engineering Colleges. With more than 20 years of Excellence and Innovation practice in Fortune 500 companies, we provide complete solutions, cutting edge technology, software, tools, training material and FDP for developing next generation innovation centers. These centers enable your institute in developing creative leaders, Imagineers, innovation champions, breakthrough innovations and start-ups.

We Convert Your Existing Computer Labs into Innovation Labs

  • We also help universities in converting their conventional computer labs into next generation of Innovation labs for developing conceptual world talents of creativity and innovation. In today's VUCA ( Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, creativity is the most desired trait in the students and business leaders to resolve business challenges. The institutes can maximize the ROI of their investments in the computer labs by simply installing our cutting-edge resources.

Advantages of Innovation Labs

  • Develop Start-ups/ Technopreneurs / Innopreneurs

    Our Innovation labs are based on the concept of 'Intelligence having fun'. The tools provided are based on gamification of ideation. The students love the WOW experience of the innovation labs and are inspired to create new products and services. Innovation lab is the new playground to create new breakthroughs. Our innovation labs provide the enriching experience to the Student and provides them the opportunity to break away from the monotony to create novel ideas. Our innovation labs are the best enablers of start-up culture.

  • Provide Most Rewarding Careers to Students:

    In the present conceptual age, the growth starved organizations are looking for creative and innovative talent over and above the conventional traditional qualifications. Innovation lab helps in developing creative mind-sets and leaders so that they students can convert challenges into opportunities, constraints into advantages, chaos into order and ideas into wealth. The students also master the art of generating breakthrough ideas and transform evolutionary ideas into revolutionary innovations. The additional skills of creative leadership and innovation training acquired by the students helps in attracting the most innovative organizations and MNCs to the university for picking up the innovative talent creative students with new ideas.

  • Healthy ROI to the Institute:

    The innovation labs help in generating new streams of revenues in the following ways:

    1 . Recurring income generated by providing Innovation App to all students year to after year

    2 . Income from short-term crash courses / Distance Learning programs on Innovation

    3 . Income from corporate Innovation Consultancy EDP / MDP programs

    4 . Income from mentorship and Incubation support to entrepreneurs

    5 . Enrolment of new students at universities due to unique value propositions

    6 . Income / grants from govt. / industry towards innovation projects

    Note : IDEAZIA is Strategic and Exclusive Marketing Partner of Leading Global Innovation Agency Innovationext. We deliver few of our college and university services with our exclusive partner Innovationext.

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