Customer Champions
From Customer Insight to Proposition to Experience.

Customer Champions

Program Overview

Building a business around customers seems obvious, yet the shift from product-centric to customer-centric is rarely easy. Most companies still think, organize and operate around products – they define themselves by their products and categories, organized around product-centric profit-centers, focused on selling products, and (what they make, to be the best in the category), focused on selling and delivering products, measuring success by the volume of products sold. We help you build a customer-centric business with more inspired purpose, about how it makes people’s lives better. It focuses on the customer’s world (be it a business client seeking to grow, or a consumer seeking to enjoy life). It organizes around the customer experience, one that brings together products and services to solve real problems, and enables people to achieve more. The perceived value of this is much greater, which leads to far great profit potential, as well as ongoing revenues and advocacy.


  • To develop a customer-centric business
  • To develop the best customer value propositions
  • To align our business delivery around these propositions


  • Customer insights: Understanding people more deeply through deep dive immersion
  • Customer strategy: Defining and prioritizing customers or consumer segments to focus on
  • Customer propositions: Developing issue-driven, benefit-delivering promises for each audience
  • Customer solutions: Designing product and service solutions to deliver each proposition
  • Customer experiences: Delivering an experience for customers that enable them to do more
  • Customer relationship: Building relationships with and between customers that build advocacy
  • Customer communities: Developing collaborative communities of participation and mutual impact


  • Customer-centric blueprint: How our whole business can align and deliver for customers.
  • Customer propositions: Insight-driven value propositions for each target audience.
  • Customer experience maps: Mapping customer’s experience on their terms, enabling more.


  • 1-3 days workshop (1 day for principles, 3 days for strategic development)
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