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We believe in Innovation Led Transformation, and practice through our breakthrough methodology. We approach innovation from a practitioner’s point of view.

Non-linear developments need non-linear thought and action. That is what IDEAZIA all about

About Breakthrough Innovation Consulting – Beyond Product Design

Breakthrough innovation happens when an area that needs transformation meets an innovator with the will and desire to create, and not follow, history. At the heart of a Breakthrough Innovation is breakthrough that creates a new paradigm and achieves a transformation impact.

We use our signature proprietary innovation model to transform the company and industry. We believe in transformation through innovation, and practice it through our path-breaking methodology.

We pursue breakthrough innovation – innovation-led transformation – with a relentless and unwavering passion.

Transforming from Impossible to Possible, None to One and Hopelessness to Hope is the spirit & mission of IDEAZIA.

We are an energetic breed of breakthrough innovation catalysts who provoke and facilitate organizations to challenge their current Paradigm and…

  • Create Paradigm-shifting strategies, encompassing breakthrough products, breakthrough processes and breakthrough business models.
  • Build and multiply Paradigm-shifting leaders with the capacity to transform the teams to go beyond incremental and stretch goals into pursuing Breakthrough Challenges.
  • Institute and embed Breakthrough innovation into Organization DNA so that 'Creating the Next Paradigm' while 'Sustaining the Current Paradigm' happens seamlessly.

We make Breakthrough innovation happen in Business Organizations, but our work doesn't end there. We fuel Paradigm-shifts in Social Enterprises and Public Services too.

Non-linear developments need non-linear thought and action. This is what IDEAZIA and Breakthrough innovation model is all about.

Breakthrough Innovation in Practice

Making innovation the transformation agent for the organization and the nation: this is the mission that has inspired us to initiate this journey, to take over Breakthrough Innovation challenges across industries, cultures and country.

Most organizations (sometimes even whole industries) have a tendency to settle into a paradigm that has been successful in the past, that is fairly predictable and one that minimizes uncertainties. The more settled a paradigm, mindset, the greater the desire to cling onto it – the greater is the gravity – gravity that will prevent a move into the whole next paradigm.

Traditional methods of stimulating innovation like introducing new ways of ideation or building diversity usually don’t overcome deep-rooted gravity. This often leads to more and more initiatives and more innovations hit the ball of diminishing returns.

When the intent is an innovation that has an ecosystem / industry-wide impact, the approach required is breakthrough innovation.

Beyond Product Innovation – The Breakthrough Innovation Canvas

Paradigm-shifting innovation is beyond traditional product innovation.

Innovation Led Transformation…

  • New Business Concepts ,
  • New Business Models ,
  • New Products / Services,
  • New Brand Identity - New Communications,
  • New Strategies - New Processes - New Market,
  • Digital Transformation
  • Eco-system Transformation,
  • Transformed People Engagement etc

We serve and transform across; Businesses, Social Enterprises, Public Services…

Your Search of Excellence Ends Here
Your Search of Excellence Ends Here