Behavior Design


We help client to get people to take desired action.

Changing behavior is tough. We don't always behave in the desired way, for example, we should be exercising regularly, but most of us don't. We shouldn't be overeating, yet many of us do.

The traditional way to change behavior is to make people aware of the pros and cons of a particular act. But this method lies ineffective, because most of our behavior is instinctive, i.e., sub-conscious. We aren't always aware of the reasons for our actions. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to make someone aware of their behavior, convince them that change is necessary and motivate them to change

At IDEAZIA, we use subtle on-time nudges, to enable the desired action. These nudges are based on Behavioral Science - a combination of behavioral economics, cognitive neuroscience, NLP and proven experiments, conducted by behavioral scientists around the world. We design these nudges to automate the desired action, and we time the nudges to take place right at the moment of action. We call the application of Behavioral Science based nudges - Behavioral Design.

To Consumer – We apply Behavioral Design to increase sales conversions, improve customer experience and increase new product adoption.

To Employee – We apply Behavioral Design to improve employee engagement, productivity and change the culture to make it a great place to work.

How We Work – We identify the context of the behavior that needs to be changed, come up with the Behavioral Design solutions based on the powerful principles of behavioral science and pilot the solutions before scaling it up.

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